How to open alternate SMTP port 26 on Plesk server

Follow the steps will below to open An alternate SMTP port(26) on Plesk server.

1. First create a new entry for the alternate port in xinetd

# cd /etc/xinetd.d
# cp smtp_psa smtp_psa_p26

2. Modify the newly created smtp_psa_p26 file:

# vi smtp_psa_p26

Edit the first line of the file as “service smtp_p26” and save the file.


3. Next, edit the service to include the newly created one.

# vi /etc/services

Add the following entry:

smtp_p26 26/tcp mail
smtp_p26 26/udp mail

After editing this, restart xinetd service.

# service xinetd restart

Now, the server should be listening on port 26.

# netstat -lpn|grep 26

That’s it!!!!