How to Install PHPMyAdmin on your cPanel Account

Sometimes due to security purposes, You don’t want to give a complete access of your cpanel account to third party or web designer who is designing your website.

Now easiest solution is to install PHPMyAdmin on your account in a few easy steps that will eliminate the need to provide your designer with cPanel access.

Installing PHPMyAdmin

Open the SSH connection using putty and type the following command:

cd ~$USER/public_html

Next get the compressed file to install with this command:


Unzip the compressed file using the following command:

unzip > /dev/null

Assign the correct file permissions using :

chown -R USER:USER phpMyAdmin-4.6.0-all-languages*

Now move the files to the appropriate place:

mv phpMyAdmin-4.6.0-all-languages phpmyadmin

Copy the file and rename the file:

cp -p phpmyadmin/ phpmyadmin/

You can now access PHPMyAdmin by visiting:

Please remember to replace “” with your actual domain name.

Please Note: If you are using SuPHP, then have to check that .htaccess files do not have PHP settings.

Direct link/URL to access phpMyAdmin without installing software:

If you are on shared hosting server, You can access phpMyAdmin by visiting the following link in your browser:

Make sure to replace with your own domain name.

Once your enter the link, You will be prompted to enter your login credentials.You can login to phpMyAdmin with the same login details you are using for cPanel. Once entered it will redirect you to phpMyAdmin interface.

That’s all  you have to do, You also like to know how to fix “530 Login Authentication Failed” error on Pure-Ftpd. Please check my previous article on this and also give your opinion below if you experience any issues or to discuss your ideas and experiences.