“530 Login authentication failed” in your cPanel pure-ftpd FTP server and how to fix it

Today one of our client was getting following error while connecting his FTP account :

Command:USER test
Response 331 User test OK. Password required
Command:PASS *****
Response: 530 Login authentication failed
Error: Critical error
Error: Could not connect to server

“530 Login authentication failed” is a common error in cPanel pure-ftpd servers. It basically means that the server is unable to ensure that the login details are correct. Here we’ll see why this error occur and how it can be settled.

1. Incorrect login details:

sometimes FTP users get confused about the format of the username or can use the wrong password.

Regular situations are :

  •  FTP users not using the domain name at the end of the FTP user . Eg., using “ftpname” instead of “[email protected]”.
  •  FTP users including a space either in front or at the end of the password when they copy-paste it.
    Such situations usually occur with new hosting accounts, or with those accounts which recently modified their passwords.

2. Corrupted password database

Sometimes after a cPanel or an FTP server upgrade, the password database could get damaged. To eliminate the problem, Please follow:

  • Synchronize the security passwords by going to WHM >> cPanel >> “Synchronize FTP Passwords”
  • Change FTP from Pure-ftpd to Proftpd in WHM > “FTP Configuration” and switch back to Pure-Ftpd. This will force passwords sync.

That’s all  you have to do, You also like to know how to enable password expiration in WordPress. Please check my previous article on this and also give your opinion below if you experience any issues or to discuss your ideas and experiences.