How to FTP from command line

If you need to upload or download information to or from your  FTP account, you need to set up connection to the ftp account. This can be done basically using your local windows or Linux system.

Important: If you are new to FTP and want to set up FTP service on your srever you can check my article on How to install FTP and set up user account.

To get connected to any FTP server from windows start the command prompt and for Linux open terminal window. Now you have required IP or Hostname of FTP server and login credentials to connect with specific user.

After use the command below to connect to the FTP account,

ftp <IP address or hostname >

Don’t forget to replace the field after ftp with the IP address or hostname of the ftp server.

See the following sample output of the command,

FTP from command line

Now it will connect to the ftp server and you need to login to the server using the ftp user name and password.

After giving the password you can see the connection being established. Now you are allowed to perform actions on your files on the sever.