How to install WordPress on CentOS Web Panel:

We have talk a lot about CentOS web panel, So in this tutorial we will show you how to install and setup WordPress website on Linux server with CentOS Web Panel. Here I assume you have already learn how to set up CWP on your Linux server.

If you have any doubt you can check our article on how to install CentOS Web Panel (CWP

First of all Create New Account in CWP under Accounts Menu
Create MySQL Database from CWP under SQL Services –> MySQL Manager –> Create Database and its User
Download WordPress installation files in user’s public_html folder.

Currently there are no file zip/extract options in CWP, May be latest version will have better file manager with file compressing options. So you can upload WordPress latest version via SSH OR through FTP Client.

Install from SSH

(do not forget to replace USERNAME with your username)

cd /home/USERNAME/public_html
tar xvzf latest.tar.gz
mv wordpress/* .
rm -Rf wordpress

Install with FTP client
Download latest WordPress version from WordPress download site
Extract files to your computer.
Connect to FTP client using USER’s login details you have given while creating user account in CWP
Upload all files you have extracted to users FTP public_html folder

Now visit your website and install WordPress from browser by entering your MySQL database login details
Save wp-config.php in your public_html folder

That’s it you are good to run yours WordPress website.