Eximstats database growing huge

You can clear the huge exim stat database,To clear it Login to MySQL:

mysql> use eximstats
mysql> delete from sends;
mysql> delete from smtp;
mysql> delete from failures;
mysql> delete from defers;

My strategy of maintaining eximstats small is to basically select a affordable interval to maintain the stats.
With 11.32, the default is to maintain eximstats for 90 days, which has create a high load on MySQL. I just set my retention interval to something more smaller, like A week, and the database reduced in size expontentially over the course of the day when I created the modify.
You can found the setting in Tweak Settings > Stats and Logs
Congratulations, now you know how to clear your eximstats database from cPanel.If you need to know about exim logs, see the article on cPanel Logs Location.