How to Turn Off Innodb Engine in Mysql

When Mysql database is set up, Innodb engine is set to ON by default. You can confirm whether Innodb is set to On or Off by using ‘mysqladmin variables’. SSH in to the server as root and execute the following:

mysqladmin variables | grep have_innodb
| have_innodb | ENABLED

Sometimes There are a few circumstances where one will not want to run with only MyISAM tabless. In this scenario, it can be useful to completely convert off InnoDB.
As InnoDB has become more regular, restricting it in MySQL needs a little more effort than before.
To turn off Innodb, you need to edit the MySQL Configuration file at /etc/my.cnf and add the following line:


Save the file and restart the MySQL service. You can now execute the ‘mysqladmin variables’ to check the status of Innodb engine.