How to change SSH port of a server with Webmin control panel

It’s really awesome to modify the SSH port of the web server which has Webmin as web-hosting cpanel. Every web-server proprietor may not have enough information to handle those things via  Linux shell command. In those situations, a control panel is beneficial to modify such settings of the web server. By using the control panel Webmin, every one may easily modify server’s default SSH slot port.

Changing the default SSH port value will protect the server from unwanted login attack. Here I’m defining the steps to change SSH port of server via Webmin.

Steps to change the default port – Using Webmin

Step 1

Login to Webmin panel:

User : root
Password : Your.root.password

Step 2

Expand servers and select SSH server from the left most side from the webmin control panel and click to the edit config files option.

Step 3

Un-comment the port option from the configuration file and set a new port number  here and click the save.

Step 4

Then click the apply changes button to apply the current configuration by sending a SIGHNUP signal to the running SSHD process.

That’s it… You can access your server via SSH by using the new port number (ssh -p 2229 root@yourIPaddress)