Using putty to connect your server with SSH on Windows:

Most of our clients ask about how to use putty to access server via SSH. This is a very basic skill, so in this tutorial we will guide you how to use putty tool.Putty is basically a client for the SSH.

First of all you have to download the putty from here.

The only file that you need to download to connect is the PuTTY.exe file, which is the first one listed for Windows on the download page.Once downloaded you can run the program by double click the PuTTY.exe file you have just downloaded. This is a small program there is no installer that needs to be run.


Now enter the Host name of your server get from your provider. It can also be your server IP address.

By default SSH port is 22 f your provider changed it to another port, they would tell you.

Make sure the “SSH” option is checked.


After entering this information, click “Open” to start the connection.

You will get the window saying “putty security alert” you are getting this because this is the server you haven’t connected before. Simply hit the YES button.

Putty now will ask you to connect to your server via SSH.Here you can enter your root user and its password.

Congratulation now you are successfully login to your server via SSH by using putty.

You can try some basic commands and when you are ready to log out of your server, press Ctrl + D.

That’s all about using putty,Give your opinion below if you experience any issues or to discuss your ideas and experiences.