How to Speed Up cPanel to cPanel Migration

Sometimes migration of accounts from cPanel to cPanel takes long time, if the accounts have high disk usage. We can avoid this delay by skipping home directory and sync the home directory by using rsync command after the migration.

Follow the steps below to speed up migration

  1. Go to Transfer tool
  2. Give credentials and fetch accounts
  3. Click on the “home” to skip home directory
  4. Start the copy of accounts
  5. Once copy completed, go to terminal and sync home directory of each accounts using following rsync command.
rsync -avz -e'ssh -p $PORT' [email protected]:/home/$USER/ /home/$USER/

If the no of accounts are less, you can skip home for the large accounts.

The above steps will reduce the transfer time. If the whole transfer takes long time, we can sync the home directory again to avoid missing mails which are delivered in that time. Also need to consider syncing the database too.