Restart Linux Server using Command Prompt

Normally most of users Go to command line for managing remote Linux systems and Windows users used GUI  for accessing remote or local system. This article will help you for reboot remote Linux Server using command prompt.

To restart the Linux server just type reboot on command prompt and press enter.  you should have enough privileges to restart that server. You can use sudo to provide privileged access.

sudo reboot


Linux shutdown command can also be use to reboot the server, additional features for this command is: we can define date/time when server will be rebooted. We can also define some message which will be displayed before server reboot to alert users.

shutdown -r time-of-shutdown "message to display"

To reboot server immediately without any message:

shutdown -r now

Reboot server at specific time with proper message displaying to user.

shutdown -r 03:10 "System is going to Reboot..."