PhpMyAdmin asking for username password in the login screen

If you have modified the cpanel password from cpanel >> Preferences >> ChangePassword, then you may get into this scenario. The “PhpMyAdmin” weblink at cpanel >> Databases >> PhpMyAdmin ask for details because recently reset password is not synced with MySQL service.
Follow the steps below to change the cpanel password to avoid this from happening.
1) Login to cPanel with current password
2) Go to cpanel >> Preferences >> Change Password
3) Put OldPassword and NewPassword.
4) Keep “Allow MySQL password change” checked and then click on “Change your password now”.
You will get the output :

Your password has been changed!
The following services were updated (if any):

5) Logout
6) Login with new password and then go to cpanel >> Databases >> PhpMyAdmin
Now you should be able to get into the PhpMyAdmin without login Screen.