Mailenable version 7

MailenableMailEnable Pty. Ltd. has announced the version 7 of Mailenable (Standard, Professional, Enterprise and Premium).
Version 7 is more reliable, it includes a Migration Console and will allow mailboxes to be ported from other systems via a simple interface.The webmail client includes a number of extensions, with the introduction of e-mail identities and improvements in
collaboration and connectivity.
mail enable 7
Here are new improvements:

  • New Management Console
  • New Mobile Webmail (JQuery Mobile)
  • Improved Spam Monitoring and Reporting
  • Dashboard, Monitoring and Abuse Protection
  • Integrated Skin Catalogue with more Skins
  • Native 64 Bit Services
  • Platform Provisioning
  • Migration Centre

Mail Enable-2
Up gradation to version 7 can be done through installation wizard and can be completed wihtin few minutes.
For more details please check [info][/info]