Install IPTraf on a Centos Linux To Get Network Statistics

IPTraf is a simple tool to monitor Inbound and Outbound network traffic passing through interface.

In this article we will guide you  you on how to install IPTraf monitoring tool using YUM command.

yum install iptraf

Under Ubuntu, iptraf can be installed using Ubuntu Software Center or use the ‘apt-get‘ command to install it

sudo apt-get install iptraf

Once IPTraf installed, run the following command from the terminal to launch an interface that will allow us to view current IP traffic monitoring, General interface statistics, Detailed interface statistics, Statistical breakdowns, Filters and also provide some configure options that we can use as per our requirements.

iptrafThe iptraf screen, displays a menu system with different options to choose from.


IP traffic monitor

iptraf3Detailed interface statistics

iptraf4To start the IP traffic monitor for eth0 interface type the following command:

iptraf -i eth0
iptraf -i all