HowTo Create Email Account on Webmin Control Panel

Webmin is a free control panel that provides a simple and effective user interface for website and server owners to manage their services . We have already discuss in our previous articles about how to install Webmin on CentOS and Ubuntu.

Today we will see how to create the email accounts in Webmin control panel. Following are the steps to create an e-mail account:

1. From the left-side Menu, click on the option “System” and then choose “Users and Groups”

2. Select the “Create a new user” link

3. Fill in the form with appropriate information such as username, user id, Real name, Home directory,password and shell.

4. Set the home directory as /home/ where you created the user. Leave the shell value as it is.

5. After filling all the required information, click on ” create” button.

6. For adding the created user to mail you need to follow the steps below:

From Servers > Sendmail Configuration -> Address Mapping (linux) fill the fields,

Mail for Address [email protected] and Send to Address username – Click Create

Now stop and start sendmail service and you are done!

If you want to install Virtualmin on your machine you can check our article on How To Install VirtualMin On CentOS.