How to install CentOS web panel (CWP)

CWP is a free web hosting control panel designed for newbie who want to setup a working hosting server easily and to take control or manage his/her server all in an intuitive web interface.

It includes all of the features of a modern panel, like admin/client access in the panel, Softculous auto installer, MySQL, phpMyAdmin, Apache, SSL, DNS, Roundcube, ModSecurity, anti-spamming solutions, and many more. One of its most popular features is the PHP version switcher.

Centos Web Panel is compatible with CentOS 6.x, It still doesn’t support ¬†CentOS 7.

In this article we will show you how to install it and make some basic configuration.

Login to your server as root and change the hostname according to this guide.

Restart your server and connect again via SSH.

We need to prepare initial setup, by installing wget and upgrade all server packages with the below commands:

yum install wget
yum update

Now go to /usr/local/src directory and download CWP installer package:


cd /usr/local/src

Once installation completes run below command to start the installer:

sh cwp-latest

Once the process is done, do not forget to note down the information displayed on screen as it includes the MySQL password.

Now hit Enter and your server should reboot automatically. Next time you try to login to your server you will now see CWP welcome message.

Go to your browser and open up your CWP admin with one of following URLs:




Login with your “root” username and password.

That’s all , Now your are ready to begin using CWP!¬†