How to Fix cPanel/WHM Quotas

Cpanel/WHM typically has issues with the user quota files inflicting all users accounts to possess unlimited disc space out there or zero megs of disc space in use. This clearly confuses your customers and does not show a true illustration of actual disc space being used by your clients. This guide can take you thru fixing any quota problems with Cpanel manually or automatically.

Common reasons for quota issues

– There are files possessed by the same customer elsewhere on the server
– The backup directory is being counted towards the users disk quota
– additional log files are being counted towards the users quota
– Cpanel was simply updated and also the quotas are currently unlimited

Quick Fix – a simple way to fix quota problems

Step 1. Log into your server through SSH as a main user.

Step 2. Run he following command

[box style=’note’] /scripts/fixquotas [/box]

Advanced Fix – alternative reasons quotas aren’t operating

Step 1. get the user account wherever the quotas are incorrect and login to your server in SSH as root.

Step 2. visit the users folder and check their disc space being employed.

[box style=’note’] cd /home/username [/box]

[box style=’note’] du -h or check du -hs [/box]

Step 3. strive finding alternative files in hand by the user.

[box style=’note’] find -user username | more [/box]

This will list all files own by this user that might be affecting the quota reported by Cpanel.

Step 5. Uncompressed backups will cause quota issues, guarantee your backups are compressed within the WHM backup choices.

Step 6. when you verify the source of the files and take away them then run

[box style=’note’] /scripts/fixquotas [/box]

We’ve explain the common ways that report invalid disk quotas with Cpanel. If the fast Fix does not work then you will need to try to find out through our Advanced Fix.