How to clear cPanel default email account

cPanel by standard makes an e-mail account same as cPanel’s username. It is not possible to remove this e-mail account and it may be used by cPanel internally.
Mail in your default account is stored in the two subdirectories named “cur” and “new
You may find it in /home/username/mail/
If you want to remove all the emails for the default email account follow the steps given below:

# cd /home/username/mail/cur
# rm -rf *
# /home/username/mail/new
# rm -rf *

Even after removing all the emails from cur and new directory, the email disk quota in cPanel won’t be modified. This is because the email disk quota is cached in the file maildirsize so we can rename the file:

mv maildirsize maildirsize_old

That’s it .

Important! If you just want to disable default Email address in cPanel you can follow the steps by clicking here.