How to Change the Sending IP for Outbound Email in cPanel

cPanel has offered the service with which you can determine and change IP in exim for outgoing email. There are easy ways that need to follow for this.
By standard exim uses shared ip of the server to deliver outgoing emails.
In order to use other IP of the server for outgoing e-mail,First you need to do some settings into WHM
From the WHM Main >> Service Configuration >> Exim Configuration Editor >> Domains and IPs.
Outbound email IP
Now SSH into your server and first you need to edit the file mailhelo 


Add the following line,Put hostname of your server in place of hostname.

* :hostname

Then Edit the file “mailips” from the server.


This file will allocate the IP’s from which each domain should deliver email. You need to modify this file and add the following line to it, in which the domain and IP is needed to specified. 92.99.XXX.XXX

For changing the mailip for all the domains just add the following line to the file,

*:  92.99.XXX.XXX

Then restart the exim. After that the emails from the mentioned domain will go through the assigned IP.