Error in Parallels Plesk Panel: “Internal error: is out of webspace”

When one of my clients go to Website & Domains they receive an 500 Internal Server Error:

Internal error: is out of webspace
Message is out of webspace
File Webspace.php
Line 334
Type PleskFatalException

This error occurs when the Parallels Plesk Panel database has inconsistencies due to corrupted certificates in the IIS configuration.
To resolve this error:
Log in your server.
Click on run >> CMD
3 ) Run the following query to identify the inconsistencies:

mysql> SELECT id,name FROM domains WHERE htype='vrt_hst' AND id NOT IN (SELECT dom_id FROM hosting);

4 ) After Run another query:

mysql> UPDATE domains SET htype='none' WHERE htype='vrt_hst' AND id NOT IN (SELECT dom_id FROM hosting);

To make sure that the issue does not appear again you will need to follow the steps below given.
1 ) Delete server certificates from IIS under following path -> Server -> Server certificates.
Then run Plesk Reconfigurator -> Repair Plesk Installation -> Plesk Services.

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