Error in Parallels Plesk Panel: “Internal error: is out of webspace”

When one of my clients go to Website & Domains they receive an 500 Internal Server Error:

[wpfmb type=’error’ theme=2]Internal error: is out of webspace
Message is out of webspace
File Webspace.php
Line 334
Type PleskFatalException[/wpfmb]

This error occurs when the Parallels Plesk Panel database has inconsistencies due to corrupted certificates in the IIS configuration.
To resolve this error:
Log in your server.
Click on run >> CMD
3 ) Run the following query to identify the inconsistencies:

mysql> SELECT id,name FROM domains WHERE htype='vrt_hst' AND id NOT IN (SELECT dom_id FROM hosting);

4 ) After Run another query:

mysql> UPDATE domains SET htype='none' WHERE htype='vrt_hst' AND id NOT IN (SELECT dom_id FROM hosting);

To make sure that the issue does not appear again you will need to follow the steps below given.
1 ) Delete server certificates from IIS under following path -> Server -> Server certificates.
Then run Plesk Reconfigurator -> Repair Plesk Installation -> Plesk Services.
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