How to Enable/Disable Modules in Apache2 on Ubuntu & LinuxMint

Apache is a most popular web server used in Linux operating-system. Apache is a web server where each functionality is provided by particular modules. To add or eliminate any particular efficiency to Apache server we can simply enable or disable related modules.

1. Enable Module in Apache2

We can use a2enmod command to enable modules in Apache2 web server. For example if we need to enable Apache rewrite module use below command.

sudo a2enmod rewrite

2. Disable Module in Apache2

Similarly to disable module we use a2dismod command. For example if we need to disable Apache rewrite module use following command.

sudo a2dismod rewrite

3. Reload Apache2 Configuration

After enabling or disabling any module in Apache you need to reload Apache2 service to refresh all configuration with running environment.

$ sudo service apache2 reload

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