Drive Critical: /var/tmp is 97% full

The /tmp partition in cPanel web servers might get filled for a variety of factors. Generally,/tmp partition become full with large MySQL queries that are dumping to the /tmp partition. A easy way to take care of this is to set the /tmp directory for MySQL to the main partition, which has much more space.
You can use the following steps to move the MySQL /tmp directory location:

Edit /etc/my.cnf file to set new tmpdir for MySQL

vi /etc/my.cnf

Place the following line into the file under the [mysqld] section:


Save the file with :wq

Create the /mysqltmp directory

mkdir /mysqltmp
chmod 1777 /mysqltmp

Restart MySQL and check that the tmpdir is now /mysqltmp

/etc/init.d/mysql restart
mysqladmin var | grep tmpdir

You will get the following result:

# mysqladmin var | grep tmpdir
| slave_load_tmpdir                       | /mysqltmp
| tmpdir                                  | /mysqltmp