Configure cPanel backup correctly on your server

Instructions to effectively arrange cPanel reinforcement on your server? Today I’m clarifying the most confusing task,configuring new cPanel backup The majority of us commit little mistakes here which causes either backup drive going out of space or different issues.

Step 1

Before you create cPanel backup go to WHM > List Accounts and check the amount of space your accounts are utilizing. You can get harsh idea, there is no need for precise space.

Step 2

To determine how much space you have for backup. Here is the small calculation you always need to keep in mind.

If you want to retain 7 backups then backup drive should have space of 9 cPanel Backups.

This is because cPanel first creates a new backup and then deletes old one. So Backup drive should have enough space to complete this operation.

Step 3

So now you have an idea how much cPanel backups you can retain.

1. Now Go to Backup » Backup Configuration in WHM and enable backups.

2. Select Backup Type compressed.

3. Scheduling and Retention enable Daily Backups and Select all days i.e. Monday to Sunday and in Retain Backups box enter 4 (assuming you want to store 6 copies of cPanel backup)

4. Keep Weekly Backup Disabled.

5. Now in Monthly Backup select  1st of the month  and in Retain box enter 2. By doing this you will have backup of 1st of every month and 15th of every month.

6. Now click on Select Users and make sure that all users for Backups are enabled and at the same time Legacy Backup is disabled.

7. Recommend to keep Backup Suspended Accounts enabled.

8. Backup Access Logs, Backup Bandwidth Data & Use Local DNS can be disabled.

Also make sure to configured Default Backup directory correctly.