How to Block a WordPress User without Deleting Their Account

Sometimes you want to block a person from signing into WordPress. Easily you can achieve this by removing the user account. However that will move all content written by this user to another user. What if we informed you that you can prevent a person without removing their account? In this article, we will show you how to block an account without removing the user in WordPress.

You can do it by installing and activating the Account Locker Lite plugin. Upon activation, just modify the consumer you want to block.

At the bottom of the user profile, you will see the lock status section.

You need to choose choose Locked from the Account Status drop down menu and click on update user.

This will successfully prevent the consumer from signing into your website without eliminating their account or shifting their content/posts. Blocked users will NOT be able to totally reset security passwords and restore access to the website.

When a blocked customers attempt to sign in, they will see an error describing that their account is locked.

Please note that if you turn off this plug-in, then it will also unblock those users.