403 Forbidden Error

There are many different kinds of errors that can occur when creating a web page. One of the more typical ones is the 403 Forbidden Error. Here we talk about this error and what you can do about it.

The 403 Forbidden error  means that the web page or source you were trying to access is definitely forbidden for some reason.

The three most common reasons of “403 Forbidden” error are as follows:


  • No Index Page
  • File Permissions
  • .htaccess file

Step-1. The homepage for your website must be known as index.php or index.html.

To take care of this error, upload an index file to your directory.

If you already have a homepage known as something else -For example home.html,You can rename your home page to index.php or index.html.

Step-2. Secondly it might be possible that your files have bad permissions.If a file or folder is set to “777” which is “world” writeable for security purpose the 403 error will be shown to secure your website from hackers, so you have to set your file permissions.

Rules for Correct permissions:

  • Folders: 755
  • Files: 644
  • Dynamic content: 700

Step-3. Once you have set your all permissions and if issue still persist,You have to check your .htaccess file .

You may have several .htaccess files in your account,For example, if you have an addon domain,You will need to check any .htaccess files within that directory.

If the actual file have”Options All -Indexes” then simply remove “-Indexes” and save the file.