Stopping Spam from Windows Plesk – Ultimate Checklist

Here is my comprehensive check list of configurations and best practices to stop spam on MailEnable mail server over Plesk, I will keep adding any thing that i find. If you feel some thing missing here, please share in comments. Enable SMTP Authentication Limit outgoing mails per domain Only relay for authenticated senders Make sure […]

Plesk Error: "The domain is still suspended for the following reason: Domain is expired"

Plesk Error: “The domain is still suspended for the following reason: Domain is expired”

If your web page is offline and when try to unsuspend through the Plesk control panel you may be receiving the following message by email: [box style=’error’] Error: The subscription is still suspended due to the following reason: The subscription is suspended because its subscriber was suspended. [/box] This happens because the domain was set to […]

How to recover canceled subscription

Some of our server still run on Plesk version 10.4.I am writing today about “how to restore a canceled subscription”. The chance to re-activate the canceled subscription relies on the current status. There are two possibilities. If subscription status is Terminated/Removed or Canceled/Removed, there is no way to recover it. As in this case it […]

How to test mail from windows command prompt (cmd)

Some times we have to see how a remote mail server responding to SMTP connection from our Plesk server.  Yes! logs are always there to see whats going on, but using telnet seems very handy to me. It takes less time than scanning logs and lets use of mouse too Lets use as example […]


Sometimes it is not possible to access Parallels Plesk Panel. Browser displays following error: [box style=’error’]ERROR: SWKeyExFatalError xmlrpc error: Expected <param> to have 1 children, found 0 0: common_func.php3:4524 of_get_key_by_product(string ‘plesk-win’) 1: common_func.php3:4524 getPleskKey() 2: common_func.php3:4603 getKeyProp(string ‘demo’) 3: auth.php3:54[/box] The above error seems that registry.xml file may have gone corrupted. Resolution of above error […]

Plesk Privilege Escalation Vulnerability

Parallels have released a security update to address the security vulnerability (details here). An authenticated user in Plesk for linux is able to act as root and is able to run arbitrary codes. This may result in complete server computerization. Last day Parallels issued a security advisory to address these vulnerabilities. These security updates will automatically visible in parallels Plesk panel, It […]

Mailenable version 7

Mailenable version 7

MailEnable Pty. Ltd. has announced the version 7 of Mailenable (Standard, Professional, Enterprise and Premium). Version 7 is more reliable, it includes a Migration Console and will allow mailboxes to be ported from other systems via a simple interface.The webmail client includes a number of extensions, with the introduction of e-mail identities and improvements in […]

How to Login into Plesk:

How to Login into Plesk:

Whenever you sign up for windows hosting, plesk login URL with username and password always sent to you in welcome email but for your basic information am describing a way to Login into plesk: Control Panel URL:   Secure Login URL : To login click the link into your welcome email or type […]

PHP.ini in plesk

PHP.ini in plesk

Here we describe the configuration of php.ini file and the different version of PHP used into plesk windows. PHP 4 and PHP 5 are the two versions of PHP supported by plesk server.PHP can work in two modes as CGI or as ISAPI. For PHP 4 default location of php.ini file is the Windows base […]

Plesk Admin Panel Password retrieval

In Parallels Plesk Panel 9.x for Windows password reminder is available into login screen but we can use the plesksrvclient.exe available in the %plesk_bin% folder to get a new password or to recover the old one. To set up a new password we need to run a following command: “%plesk_bin%\plesksrvclient” -set <new_password> true To retrieve the […]