How to Enable https (SSL) for WordPress

In this article, we will explain you how to enable https in WordPress, so you can connect to your website securely over SSL.

Login to your WordPress dashboard.

In the navigation menu roll your mouse over Settings, then click General.

In the WordPress Address (URL) field, enter your https address.

Wordpress SSL

Enter your https address in the Site Address (URL) field.WordPress advises “Enter the address here if you want your site homepage to be different from the directory you installed WordPress.”

Wordpress SSL
Click the Save Changes button on the bottom.
You are finished,You will now be able to connect to your WordPress site over an SSL connection.Now you also need to force all links automatically redirect to https://.
You can do this simply installing one of HTTPS plugins designed for this purpose.
You can install them using Plugins > Add New menu,We will use WordPress HTTPS (SSL) in order to force all pages over https:// connection.
Once it is downloaded and activated go into plugin Settings and:

  • Specify the secure link to your website in SSL Host field.
  • Input single “/” to URL filters menu so that all pages are redirected to https://

Please NOTE: this plugin may be incompatible with other scripts, so in case of any redirect loops or other issues try deactivating other plugins first or changing theme to a different one.

If you want to disable SSL you can check our article on How to disable SSL for WordPress