Webalizer stats without cpanel login

Sometimes we would like to view the site stats without login to cPanel.

We can follow the steps in order to check the site stats (webalizer) without login to cPanel:

Login to the server as root.

Go to the document root of the domain.

cd /home/user/public_html

Open the .htaccess file. If it does not exist, create it and Insert the following line in the file:

vi .htaccess
Options +FollowSymLinks

Now we have to create a symbolic link for the webalizer stats so it can be accessed without logging in to cpanel.

ln -s /home/user/tmp/webalizer domainname.stats

Assign proper ownership

chown user.user domainname.stats

Assign appropriate permissions as well.

chmod 755 /home/user/tmp/webalizer

Now you can access the webalizer stats without login to cPanel.

Access http://domain.com/domainname.stats/ to view the webalizer stats.

If your domain is not updating the stats you can follow the steps here updating webalizer for a single domain