Pointing two URLs to one website

Directing two URLs to the same web page is a excellent way to divert visitors to your website from several different domains. You can do this in two ways: either divert one of the URLs to your main website, or park one of the URLs, which points to your primary domain.

Redirect a website

A redirection happens when you type your web address into address bar and it sends a visitor to another web page (or URL). For example, if you shifted your web page material to a brand new URL, you can redirect your periodic guests to your new web page, using a divert.

Parking a domain

Parking a website does the same think as a redirect, except that the web page name on the address bar does not modify. Think about it as using two different mirrors for the same paintings. The web page material is the same for both URLs (the artwork), but what changes is the URL provided in the address bar (the mirror structure in the example). For example, cpanelplesk.com is park to cpanelplesk.net.
You can park many websites to the similar page. They need to be register with a real domain registrar before you’ll park them. Also, you will need to certify the nameservers are the similar as your main domain.

How to park the domain using the cPanel

To park a URL, go to the Websites section and just click on park domains wihtin the cPanel home page. Type your web address within the text box under Create a New parked Domain and simply select the Add Domain box.
parked domains
If there are no problems, you will see a successful message.