PleskFatalException StatInfo->getProductVersion failed linux server

While accessing the Plesk control panel, you may get an error message as follows:

StatInfo->getProductVersion failed: Plesk version file doesn’t exist or empty

This error is mostly caused due to a failed Plesk upgrade OR by removing/installing some Plesk modules.

To fix the issue do the following:

First, check the Plesk version installed on the server

rpm -qi psa

Note the version and release values:

Version : 11.5.30 Vendor: Parallels
Release : cos6.build115130819.13 Build Date: Sun 18 Aug 2013

Now, check the OS installed on the server:

cat /etc/redhat-release 
11.5.30 CentOS 6.4 115130819.13

After creating this line, add that line to the top of the file /usr/local/psa/version.

If still not working Connect to Plesk mysql server and run this query :

mysql> select * from psa.misc where param='version';

Now restart the plesk and the issue will be fixed.