PHP.ini in plesk

Here we describe the configuration of php.ini file and the different version of PHP used into plesk windows.

PHP 4 and PHP 5 are the two versions of PHP supported by plesk server.PHP can work in two modes as CGI or as ISAPI.

For PHP 4 default location of php.ini file is the Windows base directory %systemroot%.

A custom php.ini file with PHP4 version in CGI mode can be used. To apply that, we need to place custom php.ini file in the /httpdocs folder. However PHP4 with ISAPI mode always uses the default php.ini

The default location of php.ini for PHP5 is the PleskPHP5 base directory %plesk_dir%Additional\PleskPHP5.

PHP5 in either mode, use the default php.ini.

We can define the default location of the php.ini file in PHP5 through following value in registry: