ModSecurity: Rule execution error – PCRE limits exceeded (-8)

Some times After browsing site we get a blank page and the Apache error logs display following error logs:
[wpfmb type=’error’ theme=2]ModSecurity: Rule execution error – PCRE limits exceeded (-8): (null). [hostname “”] [uri “/forum/login.php”] [/wpfmb]
In order to solve this error follow the steps:
Login to the server as root.
Go to directory /usr/local/apache/conf.

cd /usr/local/apache/conf

Create a file pcre_modsecurity_exceeded_limits.conf and insert following lines in it.

vi pcre_modsecurity_exceeded_limits.conf
SecPcreMatchLimit 150000
SecPcreMatchLimitRecursion 150000

Save and quit the file.

Please set the permissions for the file to 600.

chmod 600

Now open the file /usr/local/apachec/conf/modsec2.user.conf .

vi /usr/local/apachec/conf/modsec2.user.conf

Locate the line “<IfModule mod_security2.c>
Add following line just below the above mentioned line.

Include “/usr/local/apache/conf/pcre_modsecurity_exceeded_limits.conf”

Save and quit the file.
Now just restart your apache and mysql service. The issue should be fixed now.
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