Mail server does not work How to repair mail server configuration?

We use mail enable professional at our windows server with plesk. plesk comes with mail enable standard, which does have a web interface. We upgrade it to mailenable professional.
Almost everyday, we receive one query with one of following commands.

[box style=’doc’] 1. POP and I MAP giving wrong password error. [/box]

[box style=’doc’] 2. User is not able to change password. [/box]

get mailbox failed
The fix is quite handy, plesk comes with a command line utility:
mchk can be used to repair whole server configurations for a single domain.
To repair the mailbox configuration of a single domain use:
[box style=’info’]mchk.exe –domain – –fix=local [/box]
To repair the configuration of all mailbox on server use:
[box style=’info’]mchk –all –fix=all[/box]
I will do a detailed post about mchk by the end of this week. Do let me know in comments if you want me to add any thing else in it.