How to install ZpanelX CP v10.1.1 on your VPS:

Within this new version, the way to install Zpanel is simpler than its previous version. I have already write an article about it.

Now to install zPanelX v10.1.1, login to your VPS as root and simply issue below command. The below command will download and execute zPanel installer script:

To install on CentOS VPS:

bash <(curl -Ss

To install on Ubuntu VPS:

bash <(curl -Ss

Here we are explaining how to on CentOS:

Login to your server as root

Now stop HTTPD service and remove it

service httpd stop
yum remove httpd

Now issue the installer command:

bash <(curl -Ss

When installer will ask to continue, simply type y then hit Enter.

Next, it will ask you to select timezone. Choose the one you prefer.

Now, you’ll also be asked to define FQDN and to double check ip address of your VPS. Once everything is perfect, type y and hit Enter to start the installation process.

Now have a cup of coffee and let the process complete. This will going to take some time.

Once done, you’ll be asked to restart your server.

That’s all. Enjoy..and it is that simple to install ZpanelX CP v10.1.1 on your Centos VPS.

Hopefully, that helps and do comment below sharing your thoughts and experiences.

P.S. For Ubuntu The steps should be similar, just use provided installer script for Ubuntu LTS above.