How to-Install AjaXplorer ( File sharing software ) on Linux

Ajaxplorer is basically an open source file sharing software. It allows to share files and documents over internet using web interface.


Step 1: Download Archive and Extract

Download AjaXplorer archive file and extract at document root of your server using below commands.

# cd /var/www/
# wget
# tar xzf ajaxplorer-core-5.0.3.tar.gz
# mv ajaxplorer-core-5.0.3 ajaxplorer

Step 2: Create MySQL Database and User

AjaXplorer can be configured with MySQL or sqlite3 database. In this turorial we are using MySQL. Use following commands to create mysql database and user.

# mysql -u root -p
Enter password:

mysql> CREATE DATABASE ajaxplorer;
mysql> GRANT ALL ON ajaxplorer.* TO 'ajaxplorer'@'localhost' 
IDENTIFIED BY '_secret_password_';
mysql> quit

Step 3: Open AjaXplorer in Web Installer

Now access the ajaxplorer folder on your web browser using FQDN or Server ip address like below:

http://localhost/ajaxplorer [or]

Now follow the instructions given by web installer with the help of below snapshots.

After that click on Start Wizard.

Now enter the Admin details that you can later use to access Ajax Explorer Admin panel:

Now enter your database info which we have cerated in step 2

Now you will be redirected to Admin panel, Fill in the details:

Now all has set up. Login to AjaXplorer admin panel and use it. 

That’s all we have to do to install AjaXplorer ( File sharing software ) on Linux, Previously I have write about How To Install Ajaxplorer File Manager On ZpanelPlease check and give your opinion below if you experience any issues or to discuss your ideas and experiences.