In phpMyAdmin, how can I copy a database?

This tutorial will show you how to use phpMyAdmin to copy or duplicate a database. Begin by logging in to phpMyAdmin through cPanel or Plesk. The steps stated in the video guide above are listed below.

  • Go to your phpMyadmin.

  • Choose the database you want to replicate from the drop-down menu (by clicking on the database from the phpMyAdmin home screen).

  • Select the Operations tab once you’ve entered the database.
  • Go to the section where it says Copy database and scroll down.
  • Fill in the new database’s name.

  • To replicate everything, select structure, and data. You can also choose Structure Only if you only want the columns and not the data.
  • To build a new database, check the box CREATE DATABASE before transferring.
  • Make sure the box Add AUTOINCREMENT value is checked.
  • To continue, click the Go button.
  • Select the Home icon.

  • In the left column, you’ll see your new database listed. If you look inside, you’ll notice that the database is a duplicate of the prior one.