How to Disable SpamCop RBL in WHM

One of the simplest and most effective ways of controlling the flow of spam on your server is to enable RBLs for your mail program. RBL stands for Remote Black List.These lists contain the IPs of many known spammers.

Our all servers are designed to check incoming emails against the SpamCop RBL (Realtime BlackList.) If an IP address is listed in the RBL it is not allowed to send email to our servers. These emails are rejected and sent back to the sender telling them they are blocked. 

This is mandatory for all shared servers, but VPS and Dedicated servers have the option to disable the SpamCop check if they wish.

Log into your WHM.

Under the Service Configuration section and click on the Exim Configuration Manager.

From the Exim Configuration Manager page, select the RBLs tab.

Here you will find the different RBL options. Locate the RBL: option and set it to OFF

Click on the Save button.

Since you have disabled the SpamCop RBL all messages sent to your server will be received. You can simply return later to enable RBLs if you wish.