How to repair crashed tables through phpMyAdmin

I have previously written a blog post repairing mysql database from ssh. As many of us use shared hosting and do not have access to ssh, so here is how you can do it from phpmyadmin.

MySQL is a stable software application but there might be several reasons for eg.  , simple power failure or hardware problem that could crash your Mysql tables.

when table become corrupted usually no more access available for you and your website stops working, so you need to repair/fix the table to gain access to your website.

So phpMyAdmin is very simple and easy process to repair your tables.


  1. Sign into your phpMyAdmin account
  2. Select your database
  3. Then click on SQL tab on the top
  4. In the query box enter: repair table wp_options and then click Go. (note: you have to replace wp_options with table you are having an issue with)

Repair Mysql table through phpMyAdmin