How to Install Webmin on Ubuntu:

Webmin is a web-based graphical tool like cPanel . It is used to manage services like User management, Disk management, Network, Iptables ( Firewall ), Cron, Apache, DNS, File sharing and much more .

Webmin is lightweight application and can easily be installed on system within some clicks.In this article we will show you how to install Webmin on Ubuntu. Here we are using APT repository  to install webmin, you can also download webmin packages directly and install in system.

To install Webmin via apt-get you will have to add it to your repository:


Add the following lines at end of file:

deb sarge contrib

deb sarge 

After performing the above actions, you need to get the GPG key the repository is signed with using the following commands:

wget$ sudo apt-key add 

After adding the GPG key you need to update the source.list:

sudo apt-get update

Now use the following command to install Webmin, Webmin is by default installed in /usr/share/webmin.

sudo apt-get install webmin

Once done, you can simply access webmin by accessing your server on port 10000 in web browser. To install webmin in CentOS/RHEL systems read this article Install Webmin on CentOS/RHEL.

How to Reset Webmin root Password in Ubuntu

If you forgot webmin root password or password is not working in any case, You can simply use following command to reset it.

# /usr/share/webmin/ /etc/webmin root new_password_here

That’s all to do.