how to install cPanel and WHM on CentOS

WHM/cPanel is the most popular web hosting control panel for Linux operating systems. Using WHM/cPanel we can easily manage our web hosting services without having more technical skills.

This article will help you to install cPanel and WHM on CentOS/RHEL operating systems.

Before installing WHM/cPanel on your system, make sure to set a proper fully qualified hostname for your server.

Second we need to make sure that Perl is installed on the server:

sudo yum install perl

Now disable selinux on your system before starting cPanel and WHM installation. To disable selinux execute following command.

setenforce 0

Edit /etc/sysconfig/selinux file and update following entry for disabling SELinux permanently.


Now execute one by one following commands to install WHM/cPanel on your server.

cd /home
curl -o latest -L
sh latest

Installation processes will take more then 1 hour depends upon your network speed and operating system speed.

After completing WHM/cPanel installation on your system successfully you can access WHM on 2086 & 2087 and cPanel accounts on 2082 & 2083 ports. Now login to your WHM account and completed post installation instructions as per your requirement.

As the WHM/cPanel is available with commercial license, So we need to purchase a license (based on ip) from cPanel and activate your license.