How to Enable RDP on Windows Server 2008

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is  a server software designed and developed by Microsoft Inc. included in the windows server 2008, which allows a user to access another server using the graphical interface. Officially it is known as Remote Desktop Connection.

Today we will check out, how to enable remote desktop protocol on your windows server 2008 .

Step 1- Login into your Windows Server 2008.

Step 2- Open your favorite windows 2008 server console.

Step 3- To enable the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) on your window server 2008, enter the following command in your windows server console and hit the “Enter” button.

Cscript %windir%\system32\SCRegEdit.wsf /ar 0

Once done hit the Enter button, Now you will be able to access Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) or Remote Desktop Connection on your Windows Dedicated Server.In the next article we will see How to enable Remote Desktop on Windows Server 2012, So stay tuned.