Commands to check hardware information on Linux

fThere are no of commands to check hardware information about your Linux systems, Some commands report only specific hardware components like CPU or memory while the rest show multiple hardware info.
In this article we have a quick look at some of the commands which are used to check configuration details about different hardware devices.


The lscpu command reports information about the cpu and processing units. It does not have any further options or functionality.

lshw – List Hardware
A general purpose utility, that gives detailed and brief information about multiple hardware units such as cpu, memory, disk, usb controllers, network adapters etc.

hwinfo – Hardware Information

Hwinfo is another common purpose hardware searching application that can review specific and brief information about several different hardware elements.

lsscsi – List scsi devices

Lists out the scsi/sata devices like hard drives and optical drives.


Inxi is a bash script that fetches hardware details from multiple sources and commands on the system, and generates a report that non-technical users can review easily.

$ inxi -Fx

lsblk – List block devices

List out information about all block devices:


df – disk space of file systems

Reports various partitions, their mount points and the used and available space on each.

$ df -H


Fdisk is a utility to modify partitions on hard drives, and can also be used to list out the partition information.

$ sudo fdisk -l


The mount command is used to mount/unmount and view mounted file systems.

$ mount | column -t

Use grep to find out only those file systems that you want to see

$ mount | column -t | grep ext

Pydf – Python df

An improved df version written in python, that displays colored output:

$ pydf

That’s all about different commands to check hardware information, each and every command have its own specific way to extract the information.

For those who don’t want to remember or type the commands, there are many GUI tools that can be used to gte the detailed information about hardware. Hardinfo, I-nex are some of the popular ones.