Clear or Remove Last Login information in Linux

If you are Linux user and you want to know how to clear all login information in Linux, so in this article we will learn how to clear or remove the last login information on a Linux server from the command line.

In the Linux systems there are three standard commands that give the information about last logged in users.

The lastlog command shows the most recent login of all users or of a given user.

lastb    /var/log/btmp    Shows the bad login attempts
lastlog    /var/log/lastlog

Clear Information About Last Logins:

To delete all the information about the last logged in users, you have to clear the files where this information is saved.

For this simply overwrite /var/log/lastlog file.First make a backup of /var/log/lastlog:

cp /var/log/lastlog /root

Now overwrite the file using below command:

# cat > /var/log/lastlog

Press CTR+D to save the changes.

You can use the following command to clear wtmp/btmp:

# >/var/log/wtmp
# >/var/log/btmp