Basic VestaCP Setup

This article will guide about how to use Vesta CP to host a website on a VPS. Previously we have learned how it is easy to install VestaCP on a VPS.

  • At first login to your Vesta control panel
  • You can use your VPS IP with port 8083
  • Use your admin username and password

Basic Setup

Before proceeding further, here are the some necessary steps to do after installing VestacCP:

  1. Change default admin password:

Once login, click on the Admin link in top right corner of your screen.

Now you’ll enter into the “editing page” where you can change/update your Admin password.

  1. Define Your Name server

If scroll down that page little bit more you will see many other options. You can adjust those options as per your choice but am just leaving them as default except the “Default Name Servers” part. Change this part to your own main NS for your domain.

Once done, save the changes.

  1. Adjust Hosting Packages Configuration

Simply select the “Packages” link on the top left corner of the screen. In that section you can modify some necessary restrictions / popular functions of plans which can be sent to a customer. It means you can create your own hosting packages.

You can configure the “Default” plan with how many domains, sub-domains, databases, backups, cron jobs, how much disk space and bandwidth will be allocated, and so on.

Add New Website

Now it is the time to add our new website / domain. First, click on the “WEB” menu and you’ll see default domain is already there.

You can delete it by clicking the delete link next to it.

Next, add your new website by clicking “Add Web Domain” button

Enter your domain name and assign the custom IP address.

Click on Advanced option to change advanced configurations like aliases, SSL, Nginx, Web statistics and additional FTP. You can adjust as per your choice.

Editing DNS

Once domain added, it will also available in the DNS section. So click on it to set its configurations.

You can see all automatically added DNS entries by clicking “list of x records” link of that domain. All default configurations are setup once you added a new website. Without adding or editing anything in your DNS your DNS is ready to use. But in this DNS page you can see all your DNS settings.

Add New MYSQL Database

You can see all available MySQL databases by clicking DB menu. In that DB page you can see all available databases. You can add new database and manage your database via PHPMYADMIN by clicking “Open phpMyAdmin” link.

Uploading Website Content to VPS

Once have DNS and MySQL database setup and ready. Next, upload all files of websites. FYI: Vesta CP doesn’t have File Manager so the only way you upload your web files is via FTP which is handled by vsFTPd.

First, go to WEB then click Edit link of the domain name you like to add new FTP user.

Then tick the Additional FTP option and enter your FTP username and password. Note: a prefix username_ will be automatically added.

Once done, save the changes. Now you can use your favorite FTP client like Filezilla to upload your files. Use your VPS IP as Host at port 21.

That’s all there is to do and it is that simple to use VestaCP. Hopefully that helps and do comment below sharing your thoughts and experiences.