Account Creation Status: failed (Sorry, a mysql user with the name * already exists).

Usually this happens if you terminated a cpanel account and trying to restore it from backup but somehow the MySQL user was not deleted properly.
You get this error:

Account Creation Status: failed (Sorry, a MySQL user with the name test356 already exists.)Account Restore Failed.

Solution :  Try deleting the mentioned user.

mysql > use mysql;
mysql > drop user test356@localhost;

You can also check this using :

mysql> delete from mysql.user where user=’test356′;

Now try restoring/recreating account and see if you still receive the error.

If yes  then do:

grep test356 /var/cpanel/databases/users.db
grep test356 /etc/dbowners

If the user exist in the above files, delete and try again.
It will fix the error.

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