Recover Plesk admin password on Linux

To recover your Plesk admin password on Linux Log in to your Plesk server via SSH as “root” and run the following management to find your Plesk management password: [box style=’info’] cat /etc/psa/.psa.shadow [/box] [box style=’note’]As of Parallels Plesk Panel version 10.2, the management for protection security password restoration is as follows: [/box] [box style=’info’] /usr/local/psa/bin/admin –show-password [/box]

Mail server does not work How to repair mail server configuration?

Mail server does not work How to repair mail server configuration?

We use mail enable professional at our windows server with plesk. plesk comes with mail enable standard, which does have a web interface. We upgrade it to mailenable professional. Almost everyday, we receive one query with one of following commands. [box style=’doc’] 1. POP and I MAP giving wrong password error. [/box] [box style=’doc’] 2. User is […]

Use TCP Port 587 For Mail Submission

The traditional way for a email customer system to deliver e-mail is using TCP port 25, which is also the port used by email web servers to discuss to each other. But port 25 is commonly misused by viruses to distribute viruses and junk. As a result, many ISPs are reducing its use. Most customers […]

How to create Skeleton Directory

The Skeleton Directory is that directory example that’s use to produce all new accounts. Any files that are placed within the skeleton directory are automatically traced into new accounts. for instance, if you place an index.html into the /public_html/ folder of your skeleton directory, all new accounts can automatically include that file into their /public_html/ […]

How to test mail from windows command prompt (cmd)

Some times we have to see how a remote mail server responding to SMTP connection from our Plesk server.  Yes! logs are always there to see whats going on, but using telnet seems very handy to me. It takes less time than scanning logs and lets use of mouse too Lets use as example […]

How to Fix cPanel/WHM Quotas

Cpanel/WHM typically has issues with the user quota files inflicting all users accounts to possess unlimited disc space out there or zero megs of disc space in use. This clearly confuses your customers and does not show a true illustration of actual disc space being used by your clients. This guide can take you thru […]

HTTP error 401:cgi/addon_cxs.cgi

HTTP error 401:cgi/addon_cxs.cgi

WHM is configured to disallow execution of unregistered applications when logged in as root or a reseller with the “all” ACL. To enable this functionality you must do one of the following: Register this addon using /usr/local/cpanel/bin/register_appconfig (, Enable the “Allow apps that have not registered with AppConfig to be run when logged in as […]

Horde webmail error message: sent message cannot be saved

Horde webmail error message: sent message cannot be saved

Once sending mail from inside horde, the subsequent error message might appear: The folder “Sent” was not created. This is what the server said: Client tried to access nonexistent namespace. (Mailbox name should probably be prefixed with: INBOX.) To deal with this, select Options from the top menu bar, and then Personal information. At the […]

Fixing Mail Permissions in WHM

Fixing Mail Permissions in WHM

Occasionally, mailboxes on your server will become corrupted or have incorrect permissions, leading to mail being rejected for that account. We faced this situation while migrating 100+ accounts; every migration hanged on step “fixing mail permissions”. WHM includes a feature that permits you to examine your server’s mail system and decide to repair any discrepancies […]


Sometimes it is not possible to access Parallels Plesk Panel. Browser displays following error: [box style=’error’]ERROR: SWKeyExFatalError xmlrpc error: Expected <param> to have 1 children, found 0 0: common_func.php3:4524 of_get_key_by_product(string ‘plesk-win’) 1: common_func.php3:4524 getPleskKey() 2: common_func.php3:4603 getKeyProp(string ‘demo’) 3: auth.php3:54[/box] The above error seems that registry.xml file may have gone corrupted. Resolution of above error […]

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