How to open alternate SMTP port 26 on Plesk server

Follow the steps will below to open An alternate SMTP port(26) on Plesk server. 1. First create a new entry for the alternate port in xinetd

2. Modify the newly created smtp_psa_p26 file:

Edit the first line of the file as “service smtp_p26” and save the file.   3. Next, edit the service […]

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Error: Unable to start the virtual machine. There’s not enough disk space available.

When you try to start your virtual machine,Parallels Desktop displays one of the following error messages:

The above error means you are running out of free disk space on your host Mac OS X hard drive. To resolve this error Find how much space is left on your Mac hard drive Run Disk Utility, check […]

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Enable/Disable firewall through command line

This command can be used when we are working with windows network: Open command prompt This command gets into the firewall section.

Done. […]

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