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How to Backup and Restore cPanel Account via SSH

It is very necessary to do a backup of your content on regular basis at least once in a week.Cpanel provides great script to make cpanel backup very easy. Commands like pkgacct is largely used for backing up cpanel hosting accounts and restorepkg for restoring cpanel accounts via the SSH. To create the backup of […]

Disable cPHulk from ssh

If you are unable to access your WHM due to cphulk. you may still be able to SSH to your server. Once you are login into your server as a root use the following commands to disable cPHulk: /usr/local/cpanel/etc/init/stopcphulkd /usr/local/cpanel/bin/cphulk_pam_ctl –disable After these steps  if cPanel will be restarted, cPhulkd will be on.      

Handling “access to path is denied” errors in IIS / Plesk

Error: Access to the path ‘C:\Inetpub\vhosts\\httpdocs\ProductImages\Matrimonial_Grooms_nothing_8FE9D5F472.jpg’ is denied There can be many reasons for “Error: access to path is denied” but the most common one is the directory where you are trying to upload do not have write permissions. Make sure the folder where you are trying to upload files have the necessary rights to […]

Configure Outlook Express

1- From menu bar, click Tools > Account 2- next click Add > Mail 3- Enter the required info when asked POP3: SMTP: Account Name: email user name (If your hosting is windows-based, please enter complete email address here) Password: your password 4- Click the email account you just created > click servers […]

Executing in an invalid environment for the supplied user

In WHM/Cpanel, the error [box style=’error’]Executing in an invalid environment for the supplied user [/box] occurs when hosted site is using third party DNS and pointing to wrong IP (a working IP on your server but not the one where domain is hosted). You will need to either point the the domain to correct IP or […]

Disabling an email account in cPanel/WHM

How will a specific email account be disabled temporarily through cPanel? For the time being there’s no direct option in cPanel for this.This feature may be available at a later stage. However, we’ll do it by modifying a number of entries via SSH. Comment out the entries associated with the actual email account within the […]

MSSQL server error 916

MSSQL server error 916

Last days I have an issue that I could not resolve for 2 days.It is lastly settled with the help of MS. I assumed that i should publish it online in hopes that it’ll facilitate some other to resolve it. Sometimes when we try to connect database through the MSSQL Server management studio 2008 we […]

Configure Microsoft Outlook

To configure your email account with outlook Please Go to Tools from Menu Bar > Account Settings > New > Next > check the Manually configured settings or additional server types from bottom > Next > Next OR If you have already configured than Please go to Tools from Menu Bar > Email accounts Your […]

How to Remove WHM Mail Queue through SSH

If you ever have need to delete specific messages from your mail queue then don’t worry and just use the following commands. This will help you out to get rid of messages in the mail queue. To view a list of the messages in the queue… [box style=’info’]  exim -bp[/box] To remove a single message […]

How to Check Horde Mail Version on WHM Server

You may check the current Horde mail version through following location. [box style=’note’] /var/cpanel/horde/version [/box] If you have an access to the server then you may login to SSH and go to the above path to check the Horde mail version.